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Yen-Ju Pan Assistant Professor

潘彥儒 Yen-Ju Pan Assistant Professor
Education: Dual Ph.D. degree of University of Lille 1, France and National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan
Field of Specialization: Live feed organism, planktology, larviculture, aquatic ecophysiology
Lab: Marine Science Building C Room 306 /
TEL: 886-2-24622192 Ext.5221
E-mail: panyj.ntou@gmail.com

Refereed Papers

  1. YJ Pan, S Souissi, A Souissi, CH Wu, SH Cheng, JS Hwang (2014) Dietary effects on egg production, egg‐hatching rate and female life span of the tropical calanoid copepod Acartia bilobata. Aquaculture Research Aquaculture Research, 45-10, 1659-1671. (SCI)
  2. YJ Pan, A Souissi, S Souissi, JS Hwang (2016) Effects of salinity on the reproductive performance of Apocyclops royi (Copepoda, Cyclopoida). Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 475, 108-113. (SCI)
  3. YJ Pan, A Souissi, JS Hwang, S Souissi (2017) Artificially cold‐induced quiescent egg viability of the tropical copepod Acartia bilobata (Copepoda, Calanoida). Aquaculture Research, 48-4, 1974-1979. (SCI)
  4. YJ Pan, A Souissi, I Sadovskaya, JS Hwang, S souissi (2017) Effects of cold selective breeding on the body length, fatty acid content and productivity of the tropical copepod Apocyclops royi (Cyclopoida, Copepoda). Journal of Plankton Research, 39-6, 994-1003. (SCI)
  5. YJ Pan, I Sadovskaya, JS Hwang, S Souissi (2018) Assessment of the fecundity, population growth and fatty acid composition of Apocyclops royi (Cyclopoida, Copepoda) fed on different microalgal diets. Aquaculture Nutrition, 24-3, 970-978. (SCI)
  6. YJ Pan, A Souissi, I Sadovskaya, JS Hwang, S Souissi (2019) Egg hatching rate and fatty acid composition of Acartia bilobata (Calanoida, Copepoda) across cold storage durations. Aquaculture Research. 50-2, 483-489. (SCI)
  7. M Zidour, Z Boubechiche, YJ Pan, C Bialais, B Cudennec, T Grand, C Flahaut, B Ouddane, S Souissi (2019) Population response of the estuarine copepod Eurytemora affinis to its bioaccumulation of trace metals. Chemosphere. 220, 505-513. (SCI)
  8. YJ Pan, E Depos, A Souissi, S Hénard, M Schaadt, E Mastro, S Souissi (2020) Assessments of first feeding protocols on the larviculture of California grunion Leuresthes tenuis (Osteichthyes: Atherinopsidae). Aquaculture Research, 51(7), 3054-3058. (SCI)
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  10. CH Ma, PY Huang, YC Chang, YJ Pan, MN Azra, LL Chen, TH Hsu (2021) Improving Survival of Juvenile Scalloped Spiny Lobster (Panulirus homarus) and Crucifix Crab (Charybdis feriatus) Using Shelter and Live Prey. Animals, 11(2), 370. (SCI)

Other publications

  1. 潘彥儒、黃將修 2020 沉睡的浮游動物-由休眠卵談起。科學發展月刊 575:28-33。