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Career Possibility


Career Possibility

(I) Advances Studies
1. Aquaculture graduate school
2. Life Science, Biology and
Biochemical graduate school

3. Molecular Biology and  Biotechnology graduate school

(II) Graduated Students can take civil service examination and related Licenses

1. Senior Examinations:

Aquaculture technology, Aquatic resources, Fishing technology, Environmental protection technology

Agricultural chemistry, Environmental conservation, Biodiversity, Chemical engineering, Health Inspection, Environmental inspection, Agricultural, livestock and aquatic product inspection, Product inspection, Health technology.

2. Junior Examinations:

Aquatic technology, Fishing technology, Health technology, Aquatic resources and Environmental protection technology

(III) Professional certification

1. Fish farming, Fishery consultant, Aquarium company, Museum of Marine Biology, Feedstuffs research and development, Biotechnology industry, Attend Taiwan Technical Missions and go to country with diplomatic relations.

2. Government agency: Council of Agriculture, Fisheries Agency, Fisheries Research Institute

3. Education agency:  Aquaculture related institute teachers, Researcher and Assistant