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NTOU scholarship (Apply at admission application) 

    Apply period:

Fall semester (documents need to arrive NTOU before Apr. 30th)
      Spring Semester (documents need to arrive NTOU before Oct. 31st)     

    NTOU OIA : https://oia.ntou.edu.tw/p/405-1022-43357,c7228.php?Lang=en 



Ph.D. degree

Full or Partial Tuition Fee Waiver

Monthly Allowance upmost NTD12,000

Master degree

Full or PartialTuition Fee Waiver

Monthly Allowance upmost NTD8,000

Bachelor degree

Full or Partial Tuition Fee Waiver


Taiwan ICDF International Higher Education Scholarship Programs
   ○ ICDF WEB: https://www.icdf.org.tw/mp.asp?mp=2  

ICDF Scholarship WEB: https://www.icdf.org.tw/ct.asp?xItem=5269&CtNode=30489&mp=2 

   ○ Our program -International Master Program in Aquaculture Technology and Management
     Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NTOUIMPrograminAquacultureTechnolgyandManagement 

Government Scholarships (Apply at admission application)


   Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) (Application Period: 1st Feb ~ 31st Mar.)
   Countries that have diplomatic relations with Taiwan, or have been recognized as friendly relations with    

   Taiwan by MOFA.
   WEB:  https://en.mofa.gov.tw/cl.aspx?n=1298 

   Ministry of Education (MOE) (Application Period: 1st Feb ~ 31st Mar.)
   Countries that are not in the scope of the MOFA scholarships.
   WEB: https://english.moe.gov.tw/cp-24-16833-23C09-1.html 

   Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)  (Application Period: 21st Feb. ~ 31st Mar.)
   Countries that are selected from the annually designated countries.